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The Tim Maley Butterfly Garden

Photo portfolio Visit the garden in SL (SLURL). See info about rl unveiling

Tim Maley is a Western Australia artist with a developmental disability. He has shown his work locally in several exhibitions, and has experimented with a variety of art forms and mediums including drawing, painting and film producing.

I was asked to create a butterfly garden above the UWA campus in SL using some crayon drawings Tim made. The project was sponsored by DADAA/stARTSPEAK, as part of their sponsorship of the UWA Freedom Project. The project was unveiled to Tim and the sponsors on July 8. You can see great pictures of the rl occasion on the UWA blog.

Tim Maley connecting with FreeWee

The drawings seem childlike at first glance, but I grew to appreciate Tim’s sense of color and design. Each drawing is unique and interesting in its own way. As I invariably discover when I have time to . . . → Read More: The Tim Maley Butterfly Garden

ANGRY GODS: An Apocalyptic Vision

ANGRY GODS: An Apocalyptic Vision

UPDATE: Angry Gods closed on 30 June 2011. People have been sharing some really great pictures:

Taralyn Gravois Tim Deschanel PJ Trenton Moeuhane Sandalwood SearbyM Alizarin Goldflake Part II Lollito Larkham ColeMarie Soleil (machinima) Haglet Alter (machinima)

For those few of you who were fortunate enough to witness the demolition of the Caerleon Identity Museum last November, I’m sure you’ll remember what it was like to see disruption on a massive scale. (Read the story and watch the machinima.) The usual procedure for any such demolition is to select the objects in Edit, unlink all the prims, set them to temporary and physical, then just let go. On a large scale this can be pretty dramatic. But in this case I deliberately refrained from setting everything to temp so the experience would last longer. (Setting to temp hugely facilitates the cleanup process, but limits the life to 60 seconds.) . . . → Read More: ANGRY GODS: An Apocalyptic Vision

When less is more

A special exhibition of non-scripted entries at the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge from the March round. April 6-14, 2011

[N.B. This is being cross-posted on the UWA blog. Apologies to those who follow both. – FreeWee ]

UPDATE: April 12. I have published an exhibition catalog for this show:

A very interesting phenomenon has been impressing both JayJay and me the last few months: We are seeing more and more really excellent submissions to UWA that are not scripted. In the beginning, the UWA Challenge included a Best Non-Scripted prize in order to acknowledge pieces that had artistic depth, but that were not animated or interactive. It was feared or assumed that scripted objects would tend to dominate the competitions, with the belief that active pieces would tend to obscure more subtle artistry from their sheer intensity. I’m not so sure that’s ever been entirely the case as there have always been . . . → Read More: When less is more

Caerleon Museum Meets Its Maker

In what was probably the most spectacular demolition I’ve ever witnessed (and I’ve witnessed a good number of them), the Caerleon Museum of Identity went out with a bang. Or a rumble… Actually all I heard was a bunch of knocking sounds. Anyway it was impressive as hell.

After clearing most of the essential stuff and making copies for the inventory archives, I gave the group a 20 minute warning. After restarting my viewer to get Fraps to capture the action, I flew up to select all my objects in Edit. I then unlinked everything and set them as physical.There were over 1300 prims, from small mannequin fingers to the 100 meter diameter floors and dome parts. Normally at this point one would set the objects as temporary to facilitate cleanup. But I wanted the process to take longer than one minute, so I figured the mess would be worth it. It took me quite . . . → Read More: Caerleon Museum Meets Its Maker

Ambiguity of Identity: The Caerleon Museum of Identity

Note: I will be posting pictures from the show later. If you have images from the opening event you are willing to share, please contact me inworld (IM FreeWee Ling) or email

The Caerleon Museum of Identity is a massive sim-wide installation constructed by a team of 18 of SL’s most thoughtful artistic talents. The opening of this show was Saturday, October 2, and it runs at least through the end of this month. (SLURL)

The opening was a real thrill for me. This is the largest project by far that I have had the opportunity to lead. We had a strong PR effort with a media preview event the previous Tuesday. As a result, a great many of the names I’ve admired from the blogosphere and from the SL art world were there. The sim was at its maximum capacity (50) for the entire two hour event with an amazing performance by the . . . → Read More: Ambiguity of Identity: The Caerleon Museum of Identity

Kaleidoscopic machinima

UWA is sponsoring a machinima competition to highlight the winners of the 3D Art & Design challenges. Gnueon Aeon of Running Lady Productions has produced a wonderful film of the June winners. The first 30 seconds or so features my spiral kaleidoscope, First Place winner of the June round.

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UWA Winner!

Who? Me? This is stunning, thrilling, and even a little bewildering. My Vertical Spiral Kaleidoscope actually took first place in the June challenge. There were 68 entries. I like my piece — it does have a certain hypnotic quality. But there were amazing pieces by Nessuno, Madcow, Ub, and pravda Core’s remarkable Medusa sculpt. (See pix and details) I was really humbled. I think I was not the only one questioning the decision.. But I’m happy to take the honor.

Here’s a video of the piece with a brief shot of this year’s July 4th outfit 🙂 (Details below)

(Since the competition awards were presented on July 4, I was appropriately attired in my celebratory outfit. I do some variation on this every year. It’s the only holiday I celebrate. Up the revolution!)

There where a number of kaleidoscopic pieces in the competition. Recursive construction and texture animation makes it fairly easy to make . . . → Read More: UWA Winner!

UWA Trophy Contest

JayJay Zifanwe is a remarkable fellow. An affable and energetic man who started from almost nothing to being one of the virtual worlds’ most influential arts promoters in less that a year. By simply demonstrating what’s possible, he has made his institution (the University of Western Australia) and a number of other funding entities sit up and take notice. The key to JayJay’s success is his assumption that anything is possible. His first answer to any idea is “yes.”

I’ve had a run of small recognitions (and one very large one) recently, one of which was a category prize in the recent Scien&Art exhibition. It was not well organized and honestly I had little competition. But there was an award ceremony at which the winners were recognized and handed some cute little trophy objects. Well, I thought that was actually rather nice. One rarely gets an actual trophy at these things. So I mentioned to . . . → Read More: UWA Trophy Contest


I took home the Science trophy in the Nanotechnology category of the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition. This competition was sponsored by Second Physics, SL Art, Experience Italy, and the University of Western Australia. A truly international event.

My piece included 4 devices that explore the curious properties of physical nanoprims. Objects that are cut and hollowed to appear significantly smaller than 1 cubic centimeter have so little mass to keep them in place that they tend to dance around wildly. Three of the devices showed the effects of tiny prims confined in various ways. The fourth device was a small particle accelerator with detectors showing the chaotic effects of objects that are nearly invisible.

Here are some pictures of the piece and the awards presentation. The winning entries remain on display at the Alpine Executive Center through August, I believe.

. . . → Read More: Scien&Art


This year’s SL birthday event had a few high points, but was generally a bit disappointing. White Lebed put together an outstanding lineup of speakers. There were a few scattered exhibits worth seeing, but what was most apparent were the vast number of unused parcels. They tried to make them look occupied by placing fountains and landscaping in them. But participation was certainly down this year.

One reason, as far as artists were concerned, was a stupid fiasco relating to censorship of Rose Borchovski’s sweet Susa Bubble story. I won’t recap it, but you can read her account here (and I encourage you to do so). A number of artists pulled out in protest and MisPrint Thursday was ejected for her stand in support of Rose (MP had depictions of an unclothed Barbie doll.) In response, I placed an object in each corner of my parcel showing Michelangelo’s Vitruvian Man, with a CENSORED sign across . . . → Read More: SL7B


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