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Cosmos Club Opens Saturday

Saturday, 31 July, 7:00 PM SLT


Come celebrate the first ever (and perhaps only) event in the amazing Cosmos hi-tech music venue designed by award winning artist FreeWee Ling. Special lighting effects live from the control booth. This is NOT a pajama party! Think sexy cocktail dresses or cyberpunk or Trekkie kitsch. Put on your sexiest party outfit and we’ll try to keep you entertained with MrMulti “Mic” Writer’s fab covers and even fabber originals.

The disco is located near my Laboratory and the Sunlight Museum — what I like to call FreeWee’s Complex Entertainment.

The controls are on the elevated platform. They manage the colors (hue & luminance) of the stages and the sphere, and also the transparency of the sphere. There is a fog machine, a comet launcher, an Intan dance device for couple, male solo and female solo dances, tracking spotlights, and more. I can control several of the features . . . → Read More: Cosmos Club Opens Saturday

Is it inspiration or plagiarism?

I am a happy servant of art. I have no ego about it. You can like it or not. My joy comes from sharing the discovery of it. I never feel my best work comes from any special talent that I’ve developed on my own. I don’t have the vision of a true artist. I am not trained in it. But I do have taste and experience. I do know quality when I see it. I grew up practically living at the Art Institute in Chicago, seeing the Medieval and Renaissance masters, the Symbolists, the Surrealists, the cubists, the pointilists, the minimalists, the oriental art. It all affected my sense of what’s good. I recognize something that is well thought out and beautifully executed.

I can often point to the specific artist or work that caused me to explore a particular idea. For example my kaleidoscopic device that won the June UWA prize was, as . . . → Read More: Is it inspiration or plagiarism?

Collaboration and Affinity

soror Nishis’s review of the Blur show is interesting on several points. What struck me first was that I recognized only about 3 or 4 names on the list of participants. I thought I was pretty well in touch with what’s going on in the SL art world, but sometimes my eyes are opened to how vast a world it really is. I really must get out more. . .

soror noted that “…a shed load of objects, distributed round a sim needs more ‘glue’ than just being all the same colour…” I agree that shows often have a tenuous connecting theme. This can be good sometimes, as viewers can see an eclectic assortment of work — we can see how disparate artists deal with a given problem. Sabrinaa Nightfire is brilliant at assembling shows like this, such as the one-prim show or the wonderful Masks! show that was the first time I showed my . . . → Read More: Collaboration and Affinity

UWA Winner!

Who? Me? This is stunning, thrilling, and even a little bewildering. My Vertical Spiral Kaleidoscope actually took first place in the June challenge. There were 68 entries. I like my piece — it does have a certain hypnotic quality. But there were amazing pieces by Nessuno, Madcow, Ub, and pravda Core’s remarkable Medusa sculpt. (See pix and details) I was really humbled. I think I was not the only one questioning the decision.. But I’m happy to take the honor.

Here’s a video of the piece with a brief shot of this year’s July 4th outfit 🙂 (Details below)

(Since the competition awards were presented on July 4, I was appropriately attired in my celebratory outfit. I do some variation on this every year. It’s the only holiday I celebrate. Up the revolution!)

There where a number of kaleidoscopic pieces in the competition. Recursive construction and texture animation makes it fairly easy to make . . . → Read More: UWA Winner!

UWA Trophy Contest

JayJay Zifanwe is a remarkable fellow. An affable and energetic man who started from almost nothing to being one of the virtual worlds’ most influential arts promoters in less that a year. By simply demonstrating what’s possible, he has made his institution (the University of Western Australia) and a number of other funding entities sit up and take notice. The key to JayJay’s success is his assumption that anything is possible. His first answer to any idea is “yes.”

I’ve had a run of small recognitions (and one very large one) recently, one of which was a category prize in the recent Scien&Art exhibition. It was not well organized and honestly I had little competition. But there was an award ceremony at which the winners were recognized and handed some cute little trophy objects. Well, I thought that was actually rather nice. One rarely gets an actual trophy at these things. So I mentioned to . . . → Read More: UWA Trophy Contest


I took home the Science trophy in the Nanotechnology category of the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition. This competition was sponsored by Second Physics, SL Art, Experience Italy, and the University of Western Australia. A truly international event.

My piece included 4 devices that explore the curious properties of physical nanoprims. Objects that are cut and hollowed to appear significantly smaller than 1 cubic centimeter have so little mass to keep them in place that they tend to dance around wildly. Three of the devices showed the effects of tiny prims confined in various ways. The fourth device was a small particle accelerator with detectors showing the chaotic effects of objects that are nearly invisible.

Here are some pictures of the piece and the awards presentation. The winning entries remain on display at the Alpine Executive Center through August, I believe.

. . . → Read More: Scien&Art


This year’s SL birthday event had a few high points, but was generally a bit disappointing. White Lebed put together an outstanding lineup of speakers. There were a few scattered exhibits worth seeing, but what was most apparent were the vast number of unused parcels. They tried to make them look occupied by placing fountains and landscaping in them. But participation was certainly down this year.

One reason, as far as artists were concerned, was a stupid fiasco relating to censorship of Rose Borchovski’s sweet Susa Bubble story. I won’t recap it, but you can read her account here (and I encourage you to do so). A number of artists pulled out in protest and MisPrint Thursday was ejected for her stand in support of Rose (MP had depictions of an unclothed Barbie doll.) In response, I placed an object in each corner of my parcel showing Michelangelo’s Vitruvian Man, with a CENSORED sign across . . . → Read More: SL7B

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